Presenting the Top 10 World Championship Winning Rosters from League of Legends!!

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Since 2011, League of Legends is giving competition to all the other games and esports teams. It has become one of the most-watched esports and has gained a lot of fans for the exceptionally competitive professionals. Best teams from major regions come and show their talent in the show with a dream of becoming the world champions. 

Based on how the team left their impact on the competition and how their dominance is seen, we are here listing the top 10 world championship rosters.

Let’s see who comes in what position.

  1. SK Telecom T1 In this amazing competition, winning a single title is more than enough for most people, but SKT T1 from season 5 had some big dreams. In 2015, it became the first team to win two titles in a single season and made them the greatest team to compete in League of Legends. 
  2. Samsung White

The Samsung White team came from Korea in the fourth season and proved that they are the most dominant one in the world. It is because they defeated the team that consecutively came in the Worlds finals. Samsung White defeated the most dominating teams Uzi and Star Horn Royal Club. 

  1. Damwon Gaming

Coming up with a weight of defeat from the last year’s performance, the Damwon Gaming team became the most synergized team to compete in a World Championship. Their defeat in previous seasons made them stronger in the 2020 Championship and leads to make a comeback to take the trophy back to Korea.

  1. SK Telecom T1

The SKT T1 from the 2013 World Championships defeated the Royal Clubs and the iconic series was famously known as Chinese Vs. Korean team rivalry. All the credits for the win were given to Faker, the roster of the SKT T1. 

  1. Samsung Galaxy 

The two most dominating teams fight against each other in 2017 that was the seventh season of the World Championship. SKT T1 was eager to take the trophy after their amazing win in the sixth season and Samsung Galaxy won the sets. After this amazing win, Samsung Galaxy was known as the most iconic franchise.

  1. FunPlus Phoenix

FunPlus Phoenix came with amazing and dominating rosters in the ninth season of League of Legends hat was in 2019. The team had a great record for this season and managed to enter the quarterfinals followed by a win against G2.

  1. Invictus Gaming

After a long wait, finally, a team from China took the trophy in the eighth season. They defeated the tournament favorites KT in the quarterfinals that lead to more power and confidence for the team to win the Championship.

  1. Taipei Assassins

It was a team from Taiwan in the second season of the World Championship. This was one of those teams that were unknown before winning the title. The team is also known as the only dark horse for the Summoner’s Cup.

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  1. SK Telecom T1

SKT T1 is a team that is repeatedly coming on the list. And this time it is here for its performance in the sixth season. They performed extraordinarily in the Summer Split which leads to their entry into the World Championship. SKT T1 won their second consecutive World Championship title.

  1. Fnatic

This name comes from the very first season of the Championship. The European team performed incredibly well and defeated the CLG and EPIK Gamers. 

We hope that the list reminded you about them. Let us know if anyone is missing.


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