PREVIEW: Giga #2 Grapples With the Murder of a God


The Giga series by Vault Comics is a sci-fi comic that looks upon a society where the inhabitants live inside huge fallen machines and worship them as Gods. This comic was a huge success which led to the series getting a second installment which will be hitting our shelves on 2 December 2020 

What will be the plot of the sequel?

By the end of the first book, we saw how God was murdered. The death of a God is not a common thing to occur. For that matter, now God has been killed since the great wars that happened centuries ago. If the words spread faster, the news would soon bring a sense of fear and mistrust among the public which is certainly not healthy.

Unfortunately, Evan accidentally appeared on the crime scene and made himself a murder suspect. Things couldn’t get worse because if they don’t find the real killers, the people may just paint Evan as the killer and end the case to restore harmony.

So the whole responsibility of finding the murderers has fallen upon poor Evans. He doesn’t have much time left either as Legs has been deteriorating so rapidly.

Stay tuned with us for the latest news! Happy reading!

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