Priyanka Chopra Jonas talked about Indian representation in Hollywood while promoting her upcoming Blumhouse movie


Jason Blum’s company, Blumhouse Productions has been quite instrumental in dawning a new age for the horror genre since it first made its name with the 2007 release Paranormal Activity.

Blumhouse has championed diverse voices to this renaissance and the latest one that is in activity is that of Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Indian actress, singer, and producer.

She is an executive producer and she recently talked about the importance of this thriller while promoting the new film that is now available on the streaming giant. She said that all she wants in life is to influx Hollywood with brown people as that’s something rare she has seen happening.

She added that she also wants to do an all South Asian cast with powerhouses like Amazon and Blumhouse and said that this event happening is truly a dream come true for her. 

She further added that she wishes to have girls who look like her to be on the poster of a movie and demand leading parts in the near future. She concluded that she feels the greatest joy in creating opportunities for such people as she herself was deprived of them when she began with her career. 

Priyanka Chopra Jonas has made a prominent name in the Hollywood industry by giving away in Quantico, Baywatch, and Isn’t It Romantic.

She has had an exceptionally successful career in India and wants to make sure that Indian representation in this industry should not remain to be a rare occurrence in the coming years by using her privilege within the industry.

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