Producer Of Young Justice Reveals Major Update For The Production Of Season 4

Producer Of Young Justice Reveals Major Update For The Production Of Season 4
Producer Of Young Justice Reveals Major Update For The Production Of Season 4

Greg Weisman, co-developer and co-producer of the animated series Young Justice of DC, has provided an update on the forthcoming fourth season of the show, Young Justice: Phantoms.

Weisman stated earlier that scripts had been written for 23 episodes of Young Justice: Phantoms. He now claims that the number has jumped to 24 in response to a fan request on Twitter and that the voice recording process is now well underway. “24 scripts completed now,” wrote Weisman. “We have 20 episodes entirely documented. Three more have been partly documented.”

Young Justice first debuted on the Cartoon Network in 2010, arriving in 2012 for a second season — Young Justice: Invasion. Following the Invasion’s end in 2013, Young Justice was canceled by Cartoon Network. For a third season, though, it was finally renewed — Young Justice: Outsiders — which arrived in 2019 on the DC Universe subscription channel.


In July of 2019, the fourth season of Young Justice was announced to be in production for DC Universe. The title of Young Justice: Phantoms was publicly announced on the second day of DC FanDome earlier this month on Sept. 12. On Sept. 18, it was revealed a few days later that the show will switch to HBO Max while DC Universe migrates the initial remaining content to the digital network.

Major updates on Season four of Young Justice season four

The name of Young Justice’s fourth season: PHANTOMS. 

The grouping’s co-maker and co-designer, Greg Weisman, demonstrated that contents for 23 scenes have been finished up until now. 

In addition, he announced that 24 scripts are now completed and that the voice recording process is being built in a Twitter fan inquiry.

He also revealed that 20 episodes were completely recorded and three more were partially recorded.

As an enlivened presentation, Young Justice isn’t confronted with proportional obstacles as various DC TV shows. Weisman shared that the change of running a house, be it identifying with pre-creation, scriptwriting, plan canvases or the storyboard used to be positively a hit. Be that as it may, in any case, the genuine arrangement with respect to the liveliness technique has now not been printed yet.


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