If plane have always fascinated you and you wanted to become a pilot but could not become one for some reason or the other then you must be a big fan of flight simulator games. Among pilots if you especially wanted to become an Air Force pilot then Ace Combat must be your go to game. Well another game has entered the market and for you we reviewed it. Read what we think about it.


Project Wingman is the latest game of D2 and Humble Games. The game came out recently and the developers claimed that it will combat with Ace Combat at level. The new game is fun to play. It features a variety of aircrafts that have been categorized into three types which are Fighter, Interceptor and Striker. The Fighters are balanced aircrafts capable of attacking and defending just fine.

The Interceptors are planes specializing in air-to-air combat and are very helpful in missions where incoming enemy planes have to be destroyed. The Strikers are planes specializing in air-to-ground combat and are effective in missions where ground targets have to be destroyed. All the planes from every type have an ammunition limit on them. Across the types one can load up to 2 special weapons on smaller planes and 3 on larger ones. There is also a bullet limit on the machine guns of the planes unlike Ace Combat. In terms of game play it seems like that of Ace Combat. The graphics are better but then poor audio quality degrades the game further. Missions on the games are also easier.

We do not recommend Project Wings as a must have thing on your games list unless and until you want better graphics and an easier game to play. In our opinion Project Wings is an ok type of game.


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