PUBG Season 9 “Paramo Map” will be different every match…


Hey! Pubg lovers out there…

Here is great news for you all. Pubg is shortly going to drop its season 9 with a new map Paramo with a heavy load of new features and exciting rewards for the battle pass. 

Tencent has announced to release this update on October 9th for PC and October 29th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Something about map Paramo:

It can be easily figured out by the teaser that the new map is going to be a lot more exciting than the other previous maps. As shown in the teaser, Paramo is a volcanic island situated among the clouds and the players can reach there via choppers and when discussed its gameplay, it will change its climate after every single match may be due to the volcanic eruption. 

There will be a new and interesting procedure to loot the Drop, players have to shoot down the chopper with the drop and fight with their sweat and blood to achieve the great loot it contains.

When once again discussed competition in Paramo, it is a small-scale map and players can be encountered frantically with natural calamity, a volcanic lava eruption that can be proved to become a challenge for players. 

About the new battle pass:

There will be two battle passes in the whole season. One is going to be introduced in Version 9.1 and others will be introduced in mid-season Version 9.2 with a lot of new rewards for players and collectable infamous characters.

Teaser glimpse: 

About the former seasons:

The previous season of Pubg was focussing on the Wild Forest Map, Sanhok and they introduced many modifications on the map like adding new drop locations, different Topography, better models, and graphics. They even introduced new looks and outfits.

This season lasted for about 12 weeks in total. They even introduced a new Battle pass namely, Survivor Pass: Payback with a lot of collectibles, skins, prizes, and outfits for the player to feast in.

What are your views on Pubg season9, do share with us. Until then, kep reading the latest insights from entertainment world.


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