Queen Sono Season 2 : The crazy spy


Netflix has launched its first African series. It took the world in its strides with the captivating secret agent storyline. Queen Sono has been an exciting and enthralling series being popular in a very short span of time.

The series premiered on February 28, 2020 and claimed a grand success.  This has made Netflix ponder about the series continuation. The action packed thriller with the fascinating performance of Pearl Thusi in the lead role, Queen Sono is sure to make a come-back, though not in a “low profile” this time.  The fierce, deadly, defiant has a name – Queen Sono.

Release Date

Netflix announced the second season on April 28, 2020. The series creator and co-director Kagiso Lediga is very optimistic about the running of the forthcoming episodes. The production of the second season should have started but for COVID-19 epidemic. This untoward incident has made the entire world come to a halt. Once when the production starts we will give you updates about the release date.  But then may be till 2021, we have to wait to see the strength, courage, glamour and vulnerability of the deadly Queen Sono.

Queen Sono Season 2 : The crazy spy


Queen Sono played by Pearl Thusi, is an undercover secret agent of the Special Operations Group (SOG). She is the daughter of Safiya Sono, an anti-apartheid revolutionary leader and freedom fighter who was being assassinated.

Shandu Johnson Magwaza played by Vuyo Dabula, is an ex-SOG agent and the second in command of Ekaterina.

Dr. Sidwell Isaacs, the Chief Director of the SOG portrayed by Sechaba Morojele. 

Miri Dube, who is the Director General of the SOG is being played by Chi Mhende.

Frederique Kazadi, is a former hacker who converted to be the lead field technician of the SOG played by Loyiso Madinga.  

William Chakela, who is Queen’s childhood friend and therapist is played by Khathu Ramabulana.

Mazet, is Queen’s paternal grandmother superbly portrayed by Abigail Kubeka.


With the elaborate cast list and picturesque locations, the story of Queen Sono give goose bumps to its spectators! 

What we know till now is that, in Zanzibar, Queen Sono is appointed to obtain data about a private company called Superior Solutions. The basic plan to hack the data fails engaging Queen to steal it manually and get entangled in a fight and is arrested. For this time, she manages to escape and travel back to South Africa only to report at the Special Operations Group (SOG).  She comes to know about Watu Wema, the terrorist group who fight for African liberation and there upon the fact that Shandu, a former SOG agent is the leader of the terrorist group. She learns that her mother’s killer will be freed from imprisonment and in her visit with him, she forced out the truth behind her mother’s assassination.

The concluding scenes of Queen Sono leave room for upcoming seasons. 

And, “You know, when Queen is around anything can happen!”


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