Questionable Things We Ignore in The Toy Story Franchise


The ‘Toy Story’ franchise has been successful since its first installation in 1995 and the franchise has a lot of movies which basically revolve around the Toys of a boy which are secretly alive. This franchise as of now has come to an end after 24 years in 2019. Not only do the original adventures of vintage cowboy doll Woody, space ranger action figure Buzz Lightyear, and the rest of the toys still hold up decades later, but each subsequent film deepens these characters’ stories, further endearing them to audiences of all ages.

But even after the huge success of the franchise there still remain some questionable scenes and things which just can be ignored. Woody, Buzz and other toys may be your friends, but that doesn’t mean their films always make sense. Here are some of the questionable things which need to be mentioned.

The first thing or rather a question we have is…

How has no one discovered that toys are alive?

There are multiple scenes in the movies which can literally break out that any plaything with a face can be alive and also it is moving. For example, in “Toy Story 2,” when Buzz and several other toys go searching for a missing Woody, they hide inside traffic cones to disguise themselves while crossing a busy street, causing multiple accidents and all kinds of mayhem in the process. We know that people turn a blind eye to the things which seem bizarre but how can someone not notice something which is causing so much disturbance on the streets. How logical is this?

The rules around toys dying are unclear

The idea that a toy can die is very strange but even though we consider this logic, the toy dying in “Toy Story” movies is still not clear. Throughout the four movies, the only time the toys face such catastrophic bodily harm that death is clearly imminent is during “Toy Story 3” when they get trapped in a trash incinerator and almost fall into the fire. Even though the toys seem to be horrified with the possibility of physical harm, the other reasons for the toys dying are less impactful.

We are humans and we know that but…

Why don’t Buzz Lightyear toys know they’re toys?

The other toys in the movie do know their duties toward a child and they also know that they have to act to be inanimate but the part where Buzz believes that he’s a real space ranger is so amusing in the first “Toy Story” installment, even if it doesn’t make much sense. He even talks like he is on a mission which is completely illogical. He even believes that he can fly. But the question is why does he believe such things? Guess, we’ll never know! 


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