Rambo’s MK11 Ending Is Better Than Last Blood


It seems MK11 is blessed to have John Rambo’s presence and MK11 was sure to give him a better ending than its own film series. Thanks to NetherRealm Studios.

Mortal Kombat is not one of those franchises that is known for its emotional story lines rather they have given us more surprises with its latest rounds of DLC characters. 

We Congratulate John Rambo on his Mortal Kombat debut where Rambo is handled much more carefully than the other characters. Also, Mortal Kombat could give Rambo a proper ending which his Last Blood failed to do. It took almost thirty seven years for Rambo to end his own series with its fifth installment from the first one which was known as First Blood, a touching action movie.

MK11 has more explanatory ending. Rambo is seen killing the villain and getting all the powers from her which Rambo didn’t expect. With all Kronika’s power he is ready to correct all the wrongs. The film is handling Rambo’s character much more delicately than all of his recent films. Most of the Rambo movies have a more complicated ending showing how violent the characters were or how broken a man Rambo is. Sources say that MK11 does more justice to the characters and the cinematography and filming than Rambo’s own last blood. 

What do you think buddies? 

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