Ready Player 2 review: Ernest Cline’s sequel doesn’t quite satisfy

Ready Player 2 review
Ready Player 2 review

Hey guys, Ernest Cline has started writing her second installment of the novel Ready Player One, its Ready Player Two. 

Fans will get to see more adventure as Protagonist Wade Watts is joining his buddies and this time people’s lives are on the line. 

But this time it seems the reviews of the second installment are not so positive. Critics are of the view that the second season is not as fresh as the first one.

Ready Player 2 review
Ready Player 2 review

Cline has a very unique writing style, frenetic pop culture connections of various digital games, a number of movies,  TV shows and musicals. Ready player one had quite a few familiarities with the 80’s Armanda,  but it’s hard to find similarities between the blockbuster movie sequels of the 80s and the 90s, the plot is more wild, there are repetitions in case of characters, moreover the fans are not getting back the same old cast. We are a little disappointed.

Moreover if a viewer wants to understand the second part, a reading of the first book is required otherwise it’s difficult to understand. Critics are also of the view that there is more of a geekery gate keeping, showing off too much of knowledge and failed attempts to display diversity in the race. There are problems with character identification and also with assigning stereotypical phrases.

There are a lot of drawbacks it seems. 

Sometimes things does not go the way we want them to.

Doesn’t matter, we wish the writer all the best wishes for her upcoming plans.

What do you think guys?


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