Ready Player Two Fan Reactions Are Bad and Embarrassing


Ready Player One is a science fiction novel published by Ernest Cline in 2011. It was a huge success and was adapted into a movie in 2018. You can watch its trailer here-

Following such immense success, the author released a sequel to the book on 24 November 2020 and the reviews seem to be pretty bad. Fans have taken it to the internet to complain about the book’s style and some problematic ways the characters handle some situations which are portrayed as “the right way”.

Laura Hudson, the senior editor for Wired, made a thread of posts on her Twitter account pointing out the various mistakes in the book. Though many of these posts were taken down by the publisher under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, you can still read some snippets of it here-


Though the book is set in the 2040s, the plot makes it sound like someone from the 80s is describing 2020. Moreover, the prologue of the books seems to have a jumbled up writing style as well making the first impression bad for the reader.

I genuinely cannot tell who is posting real excerpts from Ready Player Two and who is posting fake meme excerpts. All of it seems plausible.” one twitter user commented.

“I’ve been reading Ready Player Two exerpts all morning and it makes me want to do the evil plan from MGSV and eliminate the English language” said another one.

Though it may not be worth your while to read the actual book, I would certainly recommend you to read the excerpts many have posted on Twitter. It would certainly spark joy, even if you have been having a bad day so far.

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