Rebel Wilson shares her weight loss journey and how she dealt with stress by eating donuts


Actor Rebel Wilson was seen engaging in a year o health throughout the year of 2020 who is very well-known for her phenomenal roles in last year’s cinematic adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Cats as well as her role in the Pitch Perfect series. She is pretty regular with her weight loss updates which is why we do know that she was only a couple of pounds away from her endearing overall goal when we heard her last time. However, a few things are certain to change this time!

Rebel Wilson recently discussed her changes in life due to her mindful goal set of losing around 165 lbs on an episode of The Drew Barrymore Show. She was asked how she kept herself motivated to keep herself on the straight and narrow all the time. Rebel further disclosed that she had a sweet tooth and that her way of dealing with stress was to go about eating donuts and everything that contained sugar.

She truly believes that she used to eat out of emotions and in order to deal with the stress that came around with being popular internationally. However, she broke all of these bad habits and replaced them with strong willpower and positive thinking that automatically eliminated her possibility of stress eating and thus managed to reach so close to her overall goal in her year of health. In these times wherein you’re more likely to find negative and upsetting stories, Wilson’s story is the one that is truly inspirational and motivating, which achieves results beating all the odds.


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