Red Dead Redemption 2 ‘Project Red Dead’ Makes it Look Like a Proper Western


Fan-made videos and posters are ruling social media nowadays.


I think most of you will.

Recently a fan-made video of ‘Red dead redemption 2’ was revealed which was too impressive to look at.

It was winning everyone’s heart authentically both in game play as well as visuals. 

The game was showered extra love from day one because of its enriching cinematography in exclusively unique ways. There was nothing in common with the other gameplays. 

As the gameplay offers reasons for players to navigate every nook and penny of the carefully crafted world, the game really stood out for you-tuber Rasko Hokulic, who made a video named ‘Project Red Dead’.

Critics remark that the video is beautiful, showing off a true mix of cinematic nature shots with tense story beats from the game. Designed to look like a movie trailer, and it feels like something that would be right at home in theaters. It seems Rasko Hokulic is able to truly feature the beauty of the game. 

The video highlights intense moments like riding towards a fiery battle, blood bathed characters, and some of the game’s best quotes.

Fans are to experience an adventurous thrill.

From time immemorial Western films were a hallmark of Hollywood, and Red Dead Redemption gives us a reminder of what beautiful magic has been created by the maker.



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