Red Hood No More: What’s Next For Jason Todd?


Jason Todd, the former Robin, is one of DC’s most beloved anti-heroes. We saw his adventures in the hit comic book series  Red Hood and the Outlaws. In this series, we saw Jason take up the role of the Red Hood which was once worn by the clown prince of crime himself.

The series written by Lodell first debuted in 2011 and the latest instalment Red Hood: Outlaws was released on 25 June, 2019. In this we see Jason joined a bunch of fellow outlaws including the Amazon Artemis and the Superman clone Bizarro.

Jason Todd had a rough childhood with a lot of trauma. And teaming up with these outlaws became the best thing to happen to him. This helped him see the difficulties of Duela Dent, the daughter of Evelyn Dent and Joker who certainly had a bad childhood as well. So she replaced Bizarro who was trapped in Hell for accidentally killing Trigon.

Over the time we saw how Duela stopped finding gore and murder funny and had some of her sanity come back. This helped her see the reality clearly and she decided to head home. With her leaving the trio, Artemis decides to part ways too. Sadly, even the best stories should come to an end someday.

Now that Jason Todd was on his own, the path has been cleared for a new chapter in his life. We see him return to Gotham City at the end. This has led to a lot of questions like, will Batman accept him as his own? Will Jason like being in his old home? Et cetera. For us to know the answers to these questions, we need to wait until the next instalment which will be written by Martinbrough.

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