Redditer’s theorises “Rick and Morty” will end sooner than expected… here is why…


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We are back yet once again with some words about one of the best sci-fi Comedy shows, “Rick and Morty” aired season in 2020, as we are not here to give any spoiler, but we’re here to ascertain you that many users on reddit have made theories regarding that show is going to end sooner than hopes…

It is assumed that it would last up to season 10 due to the demand of 70 episodes more by adult swim and distributing 10 episodes per season. 

But don’t worry!!!


It is assumed according to theory and it is obvious that “Rick and Morty” is of the best adult swim’s shows to give try to its more season…

When penned down, another redditer made an appealing theory regarding show’s end…

He says that rick and Morty will only last 8 seasons and the proof can be found in the episode ‘Never Ricking Morty’ of season 4…


Even though the episode was pretty confusing, the words made sense, as “Rick and Morty” were trapped in a story train with other people, who narrated stories about rick which didn’t make any sense. So, Rick used his continuity barrel to teleport anywhere on the train and accidently finds a map which was representation to something called story circle created by Dan Harmon, the creator of the show, which was like structure of story followed by every episode of rick and Morty, comprising:

  1. A character is a zone of comfort
  2. But they want something
  3. They enter in an unfamiliar situation
  4. Adapt to it
  5. Get what they wanted
  6. Pay a heavy price for it
  7. They return to their original familiar situation
  8. Having changed

Seems interesting!!!

But seeing this, Rick simply rejects the circle saying it was just a structural guide.

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Ending of story:

But the end of story line made sense, ‘Having changed’ when the episode ends and Rick was seemingly different as he loved Morty and gives him the attention that he deserved.

But the most paranoid point of the theory is when they were in the train, they were told that they were in carriage 4 but Morty’s grandfather says that they would get off in carriage 8 which might mean that the show will end on season 8.

But you don’t need to worry because it is just a theory and Rick still haven’t found his Szechwan sauce… 

Let us know in the comment section about your assumptions and follow us for more news and updates…


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