Regal Cinemas to Shut Down Gain All Theaters After The Delay Of James Bond’s ‘No Time to Die’



  • Regal Cinemas is planning to shut down next week.
  • If the company finalizes the plan, around 543 venues in the US will be shut until 2021.
  • Even No Time to Die is scheduled to premiere next year.
  • Many more films are facing delays due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Inside Story

Fans are completely shattered after James Bond’s film No Time to Die got delayed due to some reasons. The film has been pushed to April 2021. The weekend became sadder when people realized that Regal Cinema Venues, which are around 543 in the US and theaters in Ireland, and the UK, are going to shut down soon. 

Cineworld is the biggest cinema operator in the United Kingdom, while Regal Cinemas is the second largest domestic chain in the United States. A while back, the film No Time to Die was speculated to release on November 20.

Before, it was going to release on November 12. However, the new release date has disappointed the audiences who were all set to hit the theaters in November.

This upsetting news got announced on Sunday afternoon, where the source confirmed that they are temporarily closing the cinemas in the US and UK. However, they haven’t finalized their decision yet. The HR of the Regal Cinema stated that they are considering this option. So if they finalize it, then the cinemas may shut down in both the countries next week. 

People are shocked by the Cineworld’s move to the UK. Furthermore, the company stated that the government might restrict social gatherings again after seeing a rise in Covid-19 cases. The firm added if this happens, then that they will have to close their estate again and push back their film releases. 

In the UK, the company may face an enormous loss and might put jobs of 5,500 at great risk in the country. According to the sources, they haven’t announced the reopening date of the cinemas, and sadly, the company is likely to stay shut until next year.

Moreover, the staff of the company was not aware of the company’s decision in advance, and the news got first announced on Saturday on The Sunday Times’ news.

Final Words

Shutting down Regal Cinemas in the US and UK will bring the jobs of more than a thousand people at a huge risk. Moreover, it will have a negative impact on the company’s financial performance. Check back with us again to find more details about this topic.


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