Release Date, Cast, And Plot For The Last Mercenary

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During the 1980s and 1990s, Jean-Claude Van Damme rose to popularity with a succession of action classics such as “Kickboxer,” “Bloodsport,” “Hard Target,” and “Universal Soldier.” Due to his ballet-esque fighting style and sheer unpredictability, Van Damme is regarded the graceful alternative to the massive brute action stars of the day — Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and others — according to Mental Floss. Unfortunately, films in the vein of Van Damme’s famous classics from the past are no longer box office draws for popular audiences.

That said, the Muscles from Brussels has continued to prosper in the realm of DTV action fare by doing what he does best, as well as taking a few creative risks along the way. 

Van Damme is far more than a one-trick pony. While most of his films include him doing a roundhouse kick or two, he’s shown time and time again that he’s open to adding new techniques to his arsenal. 

Self-parodying films and series like “JCVD” and “Jean-Claude Van Johnson” demonstrate his ability to sway audiences’ perceptions of him anytime a jolt is required.

That’s the mindset he’ll bring to “The Last Mercenary,” in which he’ll strive to establish himself as a comic star (according to Deadline). Here’s all we know thus far about the film. 

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When does The Last Mercenary come out? 

For fans of the Belgian martial artist, a new Jean-Claude Van Damme film is always intriguing, but it risks being eclipsed by other releases this year. “The Last Mercenary,” according to Deadline, is one of many films that will be released as part of Netflix’s intriguing — and stacked — 2021 release calendar. On July 30, the action comedy will be available on Netflix.

Make a note of the date on your calendar and prepare for a thrilling ride with plenty of heart. 

Netflix’s continuous efforts to introduce top-quality action material to the library will include “The Last Mercenary.” 

Following the success of last year’s “Extraction,” the streaming service is focusing more on big-budget genre films, and they’re not skimping on A-list talent. “Army of the Dead” was released lately to good acclaim, and Dwayne Johnson’s “Red Notice” will be released in the following months. 

Who is the cast of The Last Mercenary?

In “The Last Mercenary,” Jean-Claude Van Damme will undoubtedly be the centre of attention. He’s the mercenary who’s been tasked with performing a perilous, high-stakes mission. 

However, the picture also features a supporting cast of European actors who haven’t previously appeared in many Hollywood films. With his role in “The Last Mercenary,” comedian Eric Judor, one-half of the popular French combo Eric and Ramzy, will have the opportunity to broaden his profile to a global audience. 

Miou-Miou will also make an appearance, which is a departure from her usual drama-focused roles. She’s a ten-time Cesar Award contender who previously refused to accept the award because she doesn’t believe actors should compete against each other, according to IMDB. It’s unclear whether her character will engage in competitive combat in this film. 

Valerie Kaprisky, Alban Ivanov, Samir Decazza, Assa Sylla, Nassim Lyes, and Mike Gassaway, the latter of whom will play Chief Sanders, round out the core cast. Gassaway is one of the few actors listed on IMDB whose character has an actual name as of this writing.

Some action fans may recognise the actor from his stunt work in “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum,” and he’s also set to appear in the upcoming “Top Gun: Maverick.” 


What is the plot of The Last Mercenary? 

“The Last Mercenary,” directed by David Charhon from a scenario he co-wrote with Ismael Sy Savané, stars Van Damme as a secret service member who must return to France to save his son from a dangerous situation. Expect some predicaments that end in considerable bloodshed when the agent’s offspring becomes engaged in a situation involving drug trafficking, arms trade, the mafia, and government officials. While that appears to be a standard action-thriller narrative, “The Last Mercenary” is said to have a gooey centre. 

According to Deadline, Van Damme’s character is similar to those performed by the renowned Jean-Paul Belmondo in the past, and he aims to put his own stamp on this style of action comedy in the future. He called the film a “great storey with emotion, a lot of action, and a lot of humour,” according to him.

Meanwhile, “The Last Mercenary” will be a throwback to the genre’s golden age of stunt-driven action films, and Charhon chose Van Damme for the character since the Muscles from Brussels epitomises that era more than most actors.


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