Release Date, Cast Updates, and Plot Speculations for Happy Death Day 3!

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With truly entertaining comedy, lovable characters, and a brilliant starring performance by actress Jessica Rothe, 2017’s ‘Happy Death Day’ was a great surprise, initially appearing to be little more than another B grade slasher horror picture. 

The film’s enormous commercial success prompted an instant sequel, which was likewise well received but not as successful. However, with the series’ director casting doubt on the franchise’s future, we must ask the question: will there be a ‘Happy Death Day 3?’ Continue reading to learn everything we know.

What Could the Plot of Happy Death Day 3 Be About? 

The first film, titled ‘Happy Death Day,’ was released on October 13, 2017, and starred Jessica Rothe as Theresa “Tree” Gelbman, Israel Broussard as her love interest Carter Davis, Ruby Modine as Tree’s roommate Lori Spengler, and Rachel Matthews as Tree’s snooty friend/enemy and sorority sister Danielle Bouseman. Christopher Landon, the filmmaker of “Paranormal Activity 2,” directed the film. 


Theresa “Tree” Gelbman, a university student plagued by terrible decisions, is the protagonist of “Happy Death Day.” She is startled to find herself in the bed of her classmate Carter Davis, with no memory of how she got there.

She swiftly departs and meets up with her boyfriend, Gregory Butler, a married professor. Later that night, Tree is savagely murdered while on her way to a party by a man dressed as the university’s mascot. Tree had awoken in Carter’s bed for the second time. 

She finds herself expecting all of the events of the day from then on, having already experienced them once. Tree soon discovers she is trapped in a time loop, forced to repeat the same day again and over until she is slain by the masked killer, who plainly wants her dead for some reason. Tree must now figure out how to uncover the killer’s identity and outwit them in order to save herself from her tormenting existence.

‘Happy Death Day’ was an unexpected smash, grossing $125.5 million worldwide on a production budget of only $4.8 million. 

In 2019, ‘Happy Death Day 2U’ was released as a sequel to the film. Jessica Rothe and Israel Broussard, as well as director Christopher Landon, returned to reprise their roles in the film. Rachel Matthews and Ruby Modine reprise their roles as Danielle Bouseman and Lori Spengler, though in a smaller role this time. Suraj Sharma and Sarah Yarkin, who played Samar Ghosh and Dre Morgan in the film “Life of Pi,” have joined the main cast as Samar Ghosh and Dre Morgan, respectively.

The date is September 19, one day after the first film’s events. Carter’s roommate Ryan comes to his dorm after working on his experimental quantum reactor with his friends Samar and Dre, and Tree and Carter are dating now. 

However, Ryan’s project malfunctions due to an accident, trapping him in a time loop where he is murdered by yet another killer costumed as Babyface. Panicked, he tells Tree and Carter about his ordeal, and they agree to assist him reverse the quantum reactor’s effects and break free from the time loop.

There is no official storyline for ‘Happy Death Day 3′ yet, but a post-credit scene in the last film well sets up a sequel. The final scene of ‘Happy Death Day 2U’ features top-secret DARPA officials asking the gang’s assistance in getting the prototype quantum reactor technology to work properly. When the head DARPA scientist acknowledges the need for a test subject, Jessica suggests her friend/enemy Danielle Bouseman. Daniele wakes up in her bed, screaming bloody murder, in the final scene of the film.

Lori’s attempt to save Danielle from her own time loop could be the subject of ‘Happy Death Day 3’. She’s already a bit of an expert at the task, having done it twice. Because the government and top-secret organisations are now involved, the stakes in the third film might be even higher, with Tree possibly using the reactor to solve yet another mystery and apprehend yet another murderer. 

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Who Could Be Behind Happy Death Day 3’s Cast and Crew? 

‘Happy Death Day 3′ will be directed by Christopher Landon. Jessica Rothe and Israel Broussard reprise their roles, and Suraj Sharma, Rachel Matthews, Sarah Yarkin, and Phil Vu are all expected to return.

When Is Happy Death Day 3 Going To Be Released? 

There has yet to be any confirmation of a third instalment of ‘Happy Death Day.’ However, the first two films were filmed and produced in such a short amount of time that I believe ‘Happy Death Day 3′ will be released in late 2021.


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