Remember Sons of Anarchy? Let’s get some explanation about how the series was ended!!

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Sons of Anarchy was a hit series at the time of 2014 when it finally ended its story. The series was of seven seasons that had 92 episodes. Yes, the counting is huge. Creator Kurt Sutter wrapped the story in the way he wanted to and it took a long time. But as we say all well if the end is well and the same goes for this series as ending up the story in the intended way is something that cannot be achieved easily. 

More about Sons of Anarchy!!

If you are one of the fans of the series then you might remember how the story kept its audience engaged in each episode. The ending of the story started with the end of the sixth season. Although the ending was not happy for every character yes it fulfilled the expectations of the audience. 

Let us see again the last ride of the Sons of Anarchy and enjoy the memories.

Sons of Anarchy tied up with IRA!

The sons of Anarchy were seen tying up with the True IRA that becomes the biggest source of income for them. They did the partnership for the buying and selling of guns that helped the Irish group. This leads to the kidnapping of their little one Abel Teller and as the story moves forward Jax came to know that his father does not want to come in the gun-running and drug-dealing things. 

The final season completed all the stories!!

Jax always wanted to keep Abel away from his ex-wife Wendy because of her drug addiction. But we saw in the last season that Wendy has changed her life into a better one. There were situations where Wendy helped Jax after which Jax realized how he was impacting his sons’ life. For the sake of his sons’ future, Jax decided to live Abel and Thomas away from him and handed them to Wendy. 

One last ride!!

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After completing his revenge for Tara’s death, Jax explained to Nero that what he is today is someone he never wanted to be. The sacrifices that Jax has done took him on the same path as his father and his death was destined to be like that. He was killed by Gemma and Clay on his last ride. He soon realized that his death was coming towards him and he accepted it with his arms open wide. 

The finale of the season made every fan emotional and also was heartbreaking for many of them. If you think we have missed something that should be written here then comment down and let us know. Stay tuned with us and follow the space for more such updates.


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