Resident Alien: Watch the First 7-Minutes of Alan Tudyk New Syfy Series


You can now have a glance at the first 7 minutes sneak-peek video of Resident Alien. It is an upcoming comedy-drama series on Syfy, which will feature Alan Tudyk’s small-town Doctor.

The show will also introduce an alien who steals the Doctor’s body as well as his identity. Moreover, it is based on the comic book mini-series, which goes by the same name. You can check out the first look of the series below.

Resident Alien Plot:

The plot of the upcoming series is not revealed yet, but we do know the story of the comic. The storyline of the comic centers around an alien who crash lands on earth. He takes the identity of a small-town Colorado doctor.

Besides, his secret mission is to kill the entire human species, but things become weird when he gets told to solve a local murder case along with other detectives.

Later on, he slowly starts to wrestle with the moral dilemma of his secret mission on Earth. In the series, Harry Vanderspeigle (Alan Tudyk) will tale the lead role.

If we take a look at the comics, the alien decides to purchase a cabin at the mountains as a cover while still being in the identity of Doctor. He can disguise in any form he wants. So he chooses the identity of Harry Vanderspeigle and walks among the humans. But in the show, there is a slight twist which reveals the alien killing Vanderspeigle taking over his form.

He fits into the human world quickly and goes unnoticed apart from a few keep children and people. Aside from this, there one more part is different in the series. The fictional town of Patience in the comics was in the state of Washington, but in the series, it is relocated to Colorado.

Residential Alien Cast

The creators have picked the right sci-fi icon Alan Tudyk to play the lead role. In the past, he has played various roles in hits like Doom Patrol, Star Wars: Rogue One, Firefly, and many more. He is the right one to play an offbeat role, fresh take on a familiar genre, and a deliciously dark sense of humor.

The main character will be joined by local Sheriff Mike Thompson (Corey Reynolds), the local Deputy Liv Baker (Elizabeth Bowen), Mayor Ben Hawthorne (Levi Fiehler), Kate (Meredith Garretson), Asta Twelvetrees (Sara Tomko), D’arcy (Alice Wetterlund), Lisa Casper (Mandell Maughan), Dan Twelvetrees (Gary Farmer), Abigail Hodges (Deborah Finkel, and many others.

Final Words

The showrunners had ordered the upcoming series last year, and the series got filmed in late 2019 and early 2020 in Vancouver. So we can expect the series to premiere soon. We will let you know once we get any new updates about Residential Alien.


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