RESIDENT EVIL: 7 Questions We Still Have About The Reboot!!


Resident Evil is a German-American survival horror film adapted from the popular Capcom video game franchise. It is all set to hit the theatres on 3 September 2021.

The film is in so much hype and has some questions raised as well. We’ll be discussing 7 questions that we still have about the Reboot. 

Will we see any new Resident Evil creatures created for the movie?

This time the filmmakers are focused on bringing life to the creations of the real elements of the game like the canon which was missed by the Resident Evil fans rather than adding new creatures.

When will we get to see the trailer?

Since when the release date is announced, all eyes are looking forward to the first glimpse of the movie. We can assume the trailer to be out any day during June/July.

What will be its rating?

Considering the previous releases, Resident Evil Reboot is assumed to get an R-rating. Well, we can’t say it until the certification gets lined-up.

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How close will the movie be to the games?

As the movie is set in 1998, we might see some old goodies from the original and the remake version of the game. We can’t make a guess but, there must be some new surprises packed in the film for the gamers.

How different is it going to be from the animated series?

The audience will also be having some new projects that are all set to take the story of Capcom. The huge difference is that this time it will be a CGI animated series that runs on Netflix but, we can’t predict how different these projects are going to be.

Might the resident evil tie into the Live-Action Netflix series?

Both Sony and Netflix could stand to answer the question on how the Netflix series may connect to the movie as both are adapted from the game. We know the fact that Capcom is connected to all the production related to Resident Evil.

Could a larger resident evil cinematic universe ever happen?

We might get to see a lot of characters of Resident Evil’s universe to be present in the same place at the same time. There are plenty of potentials for Resident Evil to expand its universe but, it depends on the live-action films and TV series can connect or not.

We have answered these questions with the knowledge we have till now. But what is the truth will be known only after any official announcements. So stay tuned with us and follow the space for more updates.


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