Resident Evil season 1: All Information about Official Announcements


All of us remember “Resident Evil” as a horror story, zombie video games, and horror movies. Many of us know that there was a zombie video game called Resident Evil. But Netflix is bringing Resident Evil to us in a new look this time. Resident Evil is coming to us as a TV series and it will be released very shortly on Netflix. But the total storyline will be based on the video game of it. Netflix announced very recently that the series is under construction.

Release Date Resident Evil season 1:

The release date has created a hype among fans as the information was leaked out on the internet without any official announcement of Netflix which later on was removed. However, the real deal is that it at least confirms the series is still under discussion among the producers. Stories are that producers do not want any official information in this situation. So, it is assumed that the leak was just some basic information, it might be changed later. According to the press, the news about “Resident Evil” is in the headlines, the release date is expected to be released very soon. 

How many episodes we can expect this season?

According to the latest news from a famous newspaper, the storyline of the Resident Evil will consist of 860-minute episodes. This series is the brainchild of the famous German film studio “Constantin Films” and written, directed, and produced by Paul W. S. Anderson. These types of series help us to depart from feature-length films very soon. It seems the season will bring a lot more intense storyline this time. So, be ready for the interesting insights. 

Resident Evil season 1: All Information about Official Announcements

Caste and Plot Details 

A few days before, no one confirmed whether this series was in progress. When the project was in the early stages of production, the producer announced its release date. But due to the pandemic of COVID 19, all production houses are affected, shooting is very difficult to run. 

So, the producers have stopped the production.Well as we all know, Netflix always likes to keep the viewers curious and so never reveals casting and plotting so easily, hence, we need to wait and watch little extra to know more.However, the little insight that we have got to keep you spirits high is 6 episodes of it are 60 minutes long and the story will be revolving around the inner world of the umbrella corporation. We will be staying in touch with Albert Wexler and William Birkin who can give more information about it. 

What Is More from Resident Evil Season 1?

According to some reliable sources, this series of Netflix can be live-action series. But this will only be possible if the franchise of the series will be opted by an anime version. This series takes a lot of time to come on Netflix. But we hope it will arrive very soon. If the situation had been favorable, we could have enjoyed this series earlier this year.


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