Resident Evil Village plot and cast details leaked online

Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village

Uff! These hackers are taking away the Cybercrime department’s sleep! 


These days hacking and stealing of information is becoming a trend it seems.

Recently, there was a Capcom leak and this spoiled major plot details and cut scenes of Resident Evil Village. The plot was leaked which hints at the continuation of the story of Ethan Winters from the last game and is also bringing back Chris Redfield. He will be playing a monstrous role it seems.

Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village

To the developers surprise much of its data was stolen and the hacker group leaked a large part of customer’s information. These hackers are seem to be spoiling a number of Capcom’s future plans following the attacks.

Recently a photo was shared by Altchar from an anonymous twitter account showing the revelation of seventeen cut scenes of the game there were also tremendous spoilers of the plot of the games to such extent that action sequences seems to be involving car crashes. There are also spoilers regarding shift of playing controls. Also, players will be witnessing a giant bomb which will exclusively be creating some tense moments and an antagonist Miranda will also be involved.

Seriously this Resident Evil team should take some strict action against these hackers. 

They have not left any surprises and also spoiled the gaming mood!

What say, guys?


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