The Stand – the whole new miniseries debuting on CBS All Access in nearly two months is supported by a beloved Stephen King novel. Excitement is already through the roof for the show because of both the recognition of the book and its extreme relevance in our current world, and only further stoking that anticipating is that the show’s first full trailer.

Being the primary extended check out The Stand, there are tons to require in from the footage, so we thought we’d assist you to process all of the knowledge with this handy feature. Watching the footage and reflecting on the source material, here are seven key things that the CBS All Access miniseries reveals in its first trailer!

A fairly romantic ambience for Larry and Rita 

Larry Underwood’s arc in Stephen King’s The Stand is one among the strongest and most vital, and absolutely vital to his transformation is his relationship with Rita Blakemoor. He features a history of being one who uses people until he doesn’t need them anymore, and in post-Captain Trips, Manhattan Rita ostensibly becomes hooked into him.

Previous stills from the upcoming miniseries have shown the 2 characters (played by Jovan Adepo and Heather Graham) together before, but the trailer shows them during a far more intimate moment half-clothed and searching out over ny City.

Sounds Like Randall are going to be spending a good amount of your time In Wolf Mode

Randall Flagg, who is played by Alexander Skarsgard within the new adaptation, has quite a couple of tricks up his sleeve, and that we get to ascertain an honest number of them within the new trailer – including levitation and dream invasion.

One thing also highlighted by the footage, however, seems to be that Randall goes to be spending an honest amount of your time taking the form of animals. within the 1994 miniseries, the villain was most frequently represented as a raven, but it might appear that this point around he’s getting to be appearing in wolf form tons.

In conversation with Whoopi Goldberg’s Mother Abigail, James Marsden’s Stu Redman reveals that the majority of his encounters with The Dark Man are with him in lupine mode, and therefore the trailer even features a flash with him changing.

Harold Lauder Meets Randall Flagg

Harold Lauder is arguably the foremost tragic character within the Stand, as over the course of the story unrequited love transforms into a poison in his veins, and therefore the resulting weakness makes him a simple target for manipulation by Randall Flagg. This evolution unfolds slowly over the course of the book, but this first main trailer for the CBS All-Access adaptation highlights a key moment in his arc: meeting face-to-face with The Dark Man.

As alluded to, we see Flagg go from wolf to “human” mode during a desert get-together with Harold, and supported the reaction spread across Owen Teague’s face, it definitely seems like a completely unique experience for him.

Rescue of Lloyd Henreid 

In The Stand, Randall Flagg finishes up using Harold Lauder as a proxy to commit horrible acts, but the young man from Maine is hardly the sole tool within the villain’s toolshed. He also has the loyalty of Lloyd Henreid, who becomes his second in command and is played by Nat Wolff within the adaptation, and within the debut trailer we get a glimpse of how it’s that Flagg earns Lauder’s fealty.

Following the deadly outbreak of Captain Trips, Lloyd is left trapped during a cell starving to death, and it’s only due to the good antagonist’s intervention that he manages to survive.

References To Other Stephen King Stories

The Stand co-creator Josh Boone has not been shy about either his specific love for the pandemic-centric horror novel or his love of Stephen King generally – and that’s very clearly expressed within the miniseries’ first full trailer. As recognized throughout this feature, it might appear that the difference isn’t taking plenty of liberties with the source material, but there’s also a touch Easter egg included for those listening .

If you pause at the 1:27 mark within the reel, you’ll probably recognize that the carpet the character is kneeling on has the long-lasting design from the Overlook Hotel in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining/Mike Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep. If that sort of thing is spilling into the marketing materials, one can expect that it’s one among many references to be found within the full show.

A Warhead is lifted 

Oh, Trashcan Man. We’ve been writing for months about the secrecy surrounding one among the foremost important characters within the Stand, and that we still don’t actually know who is playing the part – but at the very least the complete trailer has confirmed that he will certainly get on the show.

Digging into the precise details of what he’s doing within the brief glimpse captured above is perhaps too spoiler-y to urge into now for those that haven’t read the book, but it hints at explosive, great things for the difference.


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