Review for Season 2 Episode 2 ‘Wu-Tang: A New American Saga,’ Members begin to chase their dreams.


“Wu-Tang: An American Saga” Season 2 Episode 2 aired on September 8th. Bobby Diggs, acquitted of attempted murder, returns home triumphant to a little party with his family.

While watching a Kung-Fu movie with Bobby Diggs’ family in the second episode, ‘Brooklyn Zoo,’ the show skillfully hints that Wu-Tang is rooted in the same martial art discipline. When it comes to kung-fu references, a number of them are found in the group’s first album, “Enter the Wu-Tang”. Once again, we’ll be following their journeys through their tragedies in season two.

Glad to see Bobby Digs and Julian Elijah Martinez as Divine and Ason shine brightly in the second episode. And Ason and Divine are also dealing with their issues as Diggs tries to forget about his brush with the law and move on. During the daytime, we watch Ason being thrashed by a competing group. ’36 Chambers’ producers also imply that Divine is interested in starring in a martial arts film.

In contrast, Diggs and Dennis plan their next step as Dennis concentrates on constructing the strongest foundation possible. Diggs’ mother dances while convincing him for a better life in the episode, with a few lighthearted moments. When they look at each other, it’s clear how much they’ve been through together over the years. It’s also the first time we’ve seen Shotgun, aka Method Man, played by Dave East.

Unlike the first episode, which focused on a specific incident, the second episode is more free-flowing, focusing on other characters going about their daily lives. This episode is slow and steady, but it gets grittier as it goes along, much like the first. Our first glimpse of Diggs in the basement playing with his piano and music albums, attempting to forget the past, is a welcome sight to us. Then, as he negotiates with one of the producers, Power is seen in a studio.

In another scenario, U-God is shown in jail. After showing off his rapping skills to a close friend, Ason gets attacked from behind by the opposition group once more. Meanwhile, they’re running for their lives, and he surprises them by pulling off an impressive kung-fu manoeuvre while grabbing the gun. It was done with a lively background score and subtle elements of martial arts.



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