Reviews are up for Amy Adams and Glenn Close ‘Hillybilly Elegy’


The year 2020 has proven to be the bad year for movies. The most anticipated movies of the year are no more this year’s movies. keeping the pandemic and their measurements in mind all the movies are delayed to the next year and with this it’s going to be a bit awkward to expect award shows.

Amy Adams and Glenn Close casted in Ron Howard directed movie Hillybiily Elegy was thought to be one of the big movies of the year and award winning whereas the reviews doesn’t match the expectations. Here are some of the reviews;

“Save for its best performances, it’s merely another rote story about basic family drama and accepting one’s own roots, and is unable to possess any real emotional impact”. The reviews about the movies are slightly bad as the expectation showed towards a story of a family and his past should be emotional but there is nothing that touched the critics.

“It Isn’t interested in the systems that create poverty and addiction and ignorance: it just wants to pretend that one straight white guy’s ability to rise above his surroundings means there’s no excuse for everyone else not to have done so as well”.

One of the comments also stated, “Polished But pedestrian, boilerplate underdog tale that lacks bite – but gives good Glenn Close”.

The reviews are good, bad, normal so dare to watch the movie and enjoy the phases shown.


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