RHOP: A Cover Up Story of Ashley Darby’ Open Relationship


The Real Housewives of Potomac is a spin-off of the original franchise The Real Housewives aired on Bravo.

The series follows the life of upper-class housewives in different affluent areas. Though the show has been slammed with criticism of being sexist and promoting consumerism, it has been going strong since 2006 when it first premiered (Orange County version)

It was revealed that Michaeal Darby has been involved with many other relationships. Even Ashley opened up about the times he returned home and confessed about spending the night at strippers club.

The person who is said to have gotten the information first is Candiace Dillard fan’s reaction-

Though she is known to be a drama queen and stirred up quite a bit of drama in the past, she seemed to be handling this new drama well.

Over time as the situation got out of hand, Ashley Darby revealed to the whole cast that what Michael and Ashley shared was an open marriage and have had many lovers in the past after they got married.

This seemed to upset the fans the most. Many took it to the Internet concerned with the amount of lies the couple have been feeding everyone.

Though their personal lives are none of anyone’s business, they were the ones who decided to open the doors of their privacy.

Fans have also speculated if Ashley just made up the story to cover up her husband’s mishaps and give in to the misogyny. It is not the first time in history where women have shouldered the responsibility of preserving the fidelity of the marriage and making sure the husbands don’t wander off.

On that note, we take a pause for now on this update until we get something more. So, keep reading for more updates.

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