Rick And Morty’s Producer Teases A New Movie After The Show’s 5th Season

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The fifth season of Rick and Morty is presently in production, and one of the show’s producers and writers has hinted that “epic canon” may be introduced in Season 5.

Producer Teases New Rick And Morty Movie After 5th Season

The fourth season of Rick and Morty finished airing its final episodes earlier this year, and fans have already begun counting down to the fifth season.

However, rather than possibly continuing the series’ canon, the fourth season of the show returned to the episodic style of the early seasons, rather than exploring some of the storyline strands left over from the third. Season 5 will, however, change that, according to producer and writer Scott Marder.

Rick and Morty has a large fan following throughout the world who have been anxiously anticipating the show’s fifth season.

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While fans wait for the new season of the bizarre comedy to premiere later this month, producers have addressed the lingering talk of a film adaptation. Producer Scott Marder, writer Dan Harmon, and Spencer Grammer hinted at a movie in the future in an update that will make Rick and Morty fans happy.

During a recent interview with Metro UK, Marder discussed the status of a Ricky and Morty film in the works. “It’d be scary,” the producer stated in response to the rumours. 

Furthermore, if a film were to be created, it would have to be “”We felt like every episode is a movie,” the producer added. I’d like to see what a movie would be like because we seem to cram so much into each day. It’d have to be massive.”

Given the high expectations that Rick and Morty fans will have for a feature, writer Spencer Grammer remarked that it would have to be something special “huge” and proposed something along the lines of a “3D interactive film with a theme park.” I’m not sure whether you could just do a straight film.”

Rick and Morty has already received a seven-season order for the program. The fifth season of the program will air on June 20th, and the episode names have been announced ahead of time.

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