Ride Along 3 Release Date, Cast Members And Storyline – Here is what we know

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The prior two instalments dealt a lot with the comedy between its leading performers, but will Ride Along 3 be? This first round is the debut film by the comedian Kevin Hart, who portrays a man who tries to connect with his future lawyer, a cop portrayed by Ice Cube, by riding to display his hardness. The first round was the breakout of his film. Comic antics will soon follow, of course.

Ride Along was a buddy cop film in a pattern of Lethal Weapons or Rush Hours, and Cube and Hart made for an entertaining coupling although it garnered mixed reviews. The film was also a surprising success, with a worldwide budget of more than $150 million. Such are the figures that lead to a sequel and shortly followed Ride Along 2 in 2016. 

While the sequel was largely criticized and grew less than the original, it was still a lucrative undertaking for the studio. It seems that the series is never a critic but the crowd certainly seems to like it, so does Ride Along 3 happen?

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Ride Along 3 – Release Date

Ride Along 3 was in development by the end of 2016, however little has been heard from the upcoming movie since then, directed by Tim Story (2005’s Fantastic Four). Although riding Along 2 might cost more and it was a big hit less. Comedy sequels have been generally seen as poorer than the first From Rush Hour 2 to Anchorman: The Legend is continuing – but a third entry is reasonable, with the Ride Along franchise seen as a low risk and high reward venture.

Ride Along 3 has been confirmed for over 3 years and no hint of when it will really start to film has yet to be found. In a Metro interview, producer Will Packer revealed that the third chapter could be unable to materialise for some time as the two leading performers are occupied. Hart’s upcoming sequel to Jumanji came out as Cube last Friday.

Ride Along 3 – Cast Members

Story and Packer were strong that without the involvement of Ice Cube and Kevin Hart they would not create a “Ride Along” sequel. Both men would probably be on board for a third film. The reappearance of Tika Sumpter would probably also occur as Angela. New characters for the third film would presumably be the latest men’s enemies and latest pals. Since the other characters that were supportive of the previous “Ride Along” films didn’t pass from film to picture, it would be a traditional franchise to introduce new faces to the ensemble.

Source: The Cinemaholic

Ride Along 3 – Storyline

The details of the film’s narrative are obviously not yet available with a script not completed yet. It is likely that Barber would live on one of Payton’s severe police operations another day and join forces with his brethren to combat crime. Angela and Ben are expected to experience some marital problems like in the two previous films, and may have to cope with anything about family expansion.

According to ScreenRant, Story wishes to transport James and Ben to a nation where both would be fish out of the water in the face of cultural confrontations, recalling action comedies such as “Rush Hour.” The following “Ride Along,” according to Story. The series finally pulled its characters off the box and plunged them away from the original context of the first film in settings they were most uncomfortable with. Imagine that James and Ben try to get along with nibbling Brits or the RCMP and you have the correct idea. Whatever the next “Ride Along” film gives us, a fun experience will surely happen.

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