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The audience always welcomes new content and always needs novelty, whether in a movie anywhere.  Ride to Die is a forthcoming Netflix film of Japanese origin, based on the LGBT romance. There are very few films we make in this field and increasingly films are required to inform the audience and put some news into the topics of films. In this process, Netflix does not leave any mark unturned by constantly creating new types of movies that keep the audience on the platform.

Ride to Die is a psychological LGBT-thriller film that, as indicated on Netflix’s site, is also said to have a romantic element. This film has been made by Nami Sakkawa and was directed by Ryuichi Hiroki and the film is coming out on Netflix which means you don’t have to go to theatres to watch the film and because of the language you know that Netflix or any other online streaming platforms maintain it adequately.

Ride Or Die – Release Date Details

Ride Or Die will be released mostly on the Netflix platform on April 15, 2021. On Thursday. Netflix’s teaser Trailer confirmed that the film was released as some people’s speculation for the release date, after getting to know the track of the film from the trailer, etc. began to officially make the demand for its release, and Netflix announced the news via the Ride to D trailer. The film lasts about 2.5 hours, so it’s not that short, but it won’t be like it for people who don’t like short films.

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However, apart from anything, the story of the film seems powerful enough to get an audience to watch the movie and the movie is being broadcast not only in Japan but all over the world via Netflix. During the covetous times when theatres closing down, these streaming platforms were the only saviors, because they used to produce new content during this period and stopped people from becoming bored, but the pandemic remains unfinished.

Ride Or Die – Cast And Plot Details

It is Rei who has been in a relationship with his colleague Nanae who speaks of the plot. It is a movie. Later, she found her friend deeply distressed with her husband’s domestic abuse, which resulted in a fatal criminal act committed by Rei, in which she also murdered Nanae’s husband.

Then things start to turn out to be nasty because both of them are mistaken because of their intentions, but intentions aren’t about rules. So the love of Rei and Nanae still remains there even after all that both of them begin to find trouble because of their current and previous lives, but life has to continue as they say, so that, in this movie, they also start living with what they happily have.

The whole cast of the movie really isn’t known, and Netflix itself has not discussed anything as it does for other movies concerning the film cast on its website. Since Ride to Die’s trailers have recognized some actors and thus listed here, a list will be maintained if the makers or Netflix state an official statement about it. The films play lead roles in Nagasawa Rei, as well as Mizuhara Kiko and Shinoda Nanee, as well as Maki Yoko, Suzuki Anne, Taneka Tetsuhi, Tanaka Shunsuke, and Niro Shinya, who still remains unknown.

Ride Or Die – Trailer

The official trailer for Ride Or Die series has been unveiled. You can checkout the trailer down below:



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