Rihanna wants to look like her mother.


Rihanna has copied all the beauty and beauty tricks from her mom. Even as a child, she always wanted to look like her mother.

 Singer Rihanna promptly followed her mother & gave a tribute by dressing like her.  

 About her ideal of beauty

 In a question and answer session with A$AP Rocky for “Vogue”, Rihanna explains about her ideal of beauty: “My entire concept of beauty comes from her [Rihanna’s mother].”

 And further, she added that she always wanted to do hair like her mother & wanted to look identical. Besides her appearance, a lot of change in the appearance of her brother & other family members could be seen. “My mother was such a woman and I think I took that point from her.”

Rihanna wants to look like her mother.

Skincare range for men

A while back, Rihanna has launched a range of skincare product aimed to enhance the attractiveness in men.

The musician made her goal to end the stigma surrounding men’s skincare products by revealing that she doesn’t want anyone to feel like they “don’t have permission” to take care of their bodies. 

Men don’t use women’s products.

 Speaking to the rapper, she explains: “Men love their skin and they take care of it, but they feel obliged to only use products for men because everything else feels too feminine to them that is not for them and they are not allowed to use it.”

 Now comes a cookbook

 A source told The Sun newspaper’s “Bizarre” column that Rihanna was also planning a cookbook: “Rihanna has always been a fan of good food, and while she was locked up, she worked out plans to publish her own book. It will contain some of your favorite Caribbean recipes. “

 The “Work” singer has also protected the phrase “Sorry, I’m Booked,” which she allegedly plans to use on several books and kitchen utensils.

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