Rising of The Shield Hero Season 2: What Should you expect??


We have all watched the most fantastic anime series “Rising of The Shield Hero” season 1 and most of us have also read the web novel. 

Read further to know about all the updates and leaks about “Rising of The Shield Hero Season 2”.

Brief on season 1

The anime web series released in 2019 used the web novel and the light novel for the entire animated content as manga does not have enough for two seasons.

We have seen the protagonist went to a parallel universe where he was a superhero and given a shield as a weapon. However, with his weapon, he could only defend not fight, while the content revolves around with Naofumi, the hero how he had to struggle in that world to gain respect, a half-human girl named Raphatalia and build a crew to fight for him.

Release Updates on Season 2

Well, here’s the most exciting news for the anime lovers. Kinema Citrus has announced that Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 is being confirmed in the production.  And wait there’s more, season 3 of this anime has also confirmed to be in production. 

It is believed that this season 2 will be released in 2021.

It’s just remarkable that this Isekai genre Japanese anime was so popular with its season 1, audiences were so pleased with the characters that the makers announced third season too.

Rising of The Shield Hero Season 2: What Should you expect??

The Expected Cast

Like season 1, the season 2 is speculated to have the same main character, Naofumi Iwatani. And the co-characters that we anticipate are Itsuki Kawasumi, Raphtalia, Motayusa, Filo.

The plot of Season 2

Well, we know that after knowing the release dates you would be excited to know more about what’s coming next. However, we speculate just like the season 1 episode 21, season 2 will have that brilliant music and humour with an emotional roller coaster for Naofumi and his trio – Filo, Raphtalia and himself.

Season 2 is anticipated to be contrasting from season 1 because of the arc volume and the first intermission. Where season 1 was paced around fighting the waves every few episodes and learning the new world, we’ll season 2 will ebb and flow around the significant battles offset by an arc of the character development.

Arc 11 is the battle with spirit turtle, arc 13 is rebuilding, and arc 14 is the wrath of the dragon which will be seen in season 2 and you can assume that there will be a moment of development for Naofumi and that rage shield of his.

Expecting Naofumi will take revenge from the princess. The trio of Naofumi, Filo, and Raphtalia will be very captivating to watch.

Season 2 will be not that gentle as season 1 was. It will revolve around Naofumi still learning about the world. Still, this knowledge will come with facing grand battles and significant moments of the different development especially with the other three cardinal heroes, which will remain stupid as season 1 and it will be hard to watch. 

Season 2 will have huge ups and downs and on-air love within the characters and will be fascinating and entertaining all the way through.

We wait in anticipation for more updates! Stay Tuned!



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