Rita Ora is unrecognisable in role of Artful Dodger in upcoming movie Twist co-starring Michael Caine


Sky’s new film, Twist, came out with its first look yesterday and the 29-year-old singer looks wonderful but completely unlike herself in her leather ensemble. 

A modern spin on Charles Dickens’ 1938 classic, Oliver Twist, the first trailer for the movie is action-packed and shows of the star-studded cast to full advantage.

The title and lead role is played by Rafferty ‘Raff’ Law, Jude Law and Sadie Frost’s son while the 87-year-old Michael Caine plays the role of Fagin, the gang mastermind. 

The trailer looks incredible and shows Rafferty (23) in the role of a graffiti artist who catches the attention of Ora’s edgy and self-confident Dodger. This is a role that is normally played by a male actor but this production is changing things up.

In the books, the character was a talented pickpocket with the nickname Artful. The backstory might be slightly altered here and Ora’s character appears to be named Dodge.

She recruits Twist to the gang for a heist that they are soon going to pull off under Fagin’s careful eye. 

Involving bar fights and street chases, this movie brings Dickens into the twenty-first century. It is the story of a young gang of hustlers completing a swashbuckling heist in the very heart of London.

Starring Lena Headey as Sikes, Tanya Burr as Rosie, Sophie Simnett as Red and Franz Drameh as Batesey in addition to Michael Caine as Fagin, this film promises to be enjoyable. Comedian David Williams is also a part of the cast.

Rita Ora looks absolutely stunning in the trailer, rocking a black leather combo, oversized fur coats and animal prints and various retro accessories. Her bar fight scene, where she throws a punch, have fans very excited.

The film is being produced by Pure Grass Films as well as Unstoppable Film and Television and FAE Film and Television. Martin Owen is the director.


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