Riverdale season 5 return date delayed: When will Riverdale be back?

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the season-4 of Riverdale which is an American teen-drama television series based on the characters of Archie Comics, was cut short because of the lockdown where the shooting was interrupted. When the shooting was able to resume, the plan was to have a brand-new season with the main motive of showing the ending which was earlier decided for the fourth season. The ending was about the four friends going separate ways after their high school graduation. The show then fast-forwarded 7 years and showed the core four members of the group as young adults. The four members are: Archie Andrews played by KJ Apa, Betty Cooper played by Lili Reinhart, Veronica Lodge played by Camila Mendes and Jughead Jones whose character is played by Cole Sprouse.

As the fourth season of this series came out last year, the fans were left again wondering about the fate of Jughead. The season was left off with a midseason break and this season which was supposed to come out next week is now delayed. There is no particular reason for the extension as nothing was mentioned by the cast as well The CW. The next episodes, that is the second part of Riverdale Season-5 series, were coming out this upcoming Wednesday on CW, followed by Netflix release the next day (Thursday). Now the fans have to wait a bit longer for the fifth season as it is confirmed that the release is scheduled for 11th August, 2021 (Wednesday) on CW followed by Netflix release date to be 12th August, the next day. 

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The midseason break was a shock to the fans due to the unfolding of the events. Jughead was seen to be investigating the moth man, a Riverdale Myth of 1980s and it is believed by the residents that Moth Man was presumed to be an alien and some of the residents were also reported to be missing during the 80s.

Jughead is trying to finish his book and is handcuffed to the desk in a bunker by Tabitha Tate so as to concentrate on finishing his book. Jughead also took some magic mushrooms which caused him to hallucinate. Next, we saw Tabitha Tate returning to check up on him but he’s nowhere to be found and the handcuffs which were once holding Jughead are now remaining at the desk with blood stains. 

Season-5 will not be the last of this teen drama series as the creators had already given the green lights for next season, which is the sixth season of the series but the release cannot be predicted for now. 

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