Robert Downey needs to earn his entry in MCU


We all have seen Robert Downey as Tony Stark/ Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and have liked his performances. In Avengers: Endgame the Iron Man was seen defeating Thanos in a spontaneous event. Evidently with this Robert Downey has said goodbye to his character of Tony Stark.  There are talks amongst the fans about the sacrifice made in the movie and how a re-entry can happen for RDJ. 

RDJ is considered as the man who led his way to MCU with his first role as an Iron Man in 2008. He continued to play the role of Iron Man in season 2 and 3. He also repeated his role in other Avenger series of 2015, 2016, 2018, and 2019. Apart from this, he has done some special appearances in some other films as well.

On the contrary directors of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Anthony and Joe Russo that the actor can only return as Iron Man in MCU if he really deserves it. They have made a statement that RDJ entry back in MCU has to be earned by him.

Robert Downey needs to earn his entry in MCU

The Russo duo has a clear thought process that works with a vision of emotional investment of fans with characters of the movie. On Robert Downey’s return as Tony Stark, they said that a lot of work needs to be done around a strong storyline to bring back the hero. 

As per them the superhero should actually look like one and should have a real character. They are careful about how fans will relate to the character and a feeling of something being lost should be conveyed to them with the story’s narrative. The directors are really working hard and are committed to bringing back a really like story of a superhero.

They want the return of Iron Man in RDJ as a surprise and shock for the audience. They want to be innovative and creative with the story to make a comeback of RDJ worthwhile. As of now Kevin Fiege in an official statement has announced the death of the character Tony Stark. In the current scenario, there is no possibility of him seeing a return in MCU. 

Actor RDJ’s contract with MCU was over and there is news about the actor’s willingness to return to MCU. He is ready to work with less payout which might have been the result of his flop movie ‘DoLittle’. So far there is no concrete evidence of Robert Downey Junior being brought back in MCU, however, there is the buzz about him being queued for some other MCU projects.

Let us wait and watch what turns out to be the future of Tony Stark and Robert Downy Junior with MCU. 

We shall return with more updates, till then stay safe and stay happy.


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