Robert Pattinson Made One Young Fan’s Day with a Big Batman Surprise


The ten-year-old autistic boy from Wirally, James Campbell, is probably the luckiest ten years old alive today. This little Batman fan got a handwritten note and a lot of Batman merchandise from Batman himself!

DC announced that there is an upcoming Batman film which will hit the theatres on 4 March 2022 featuring Robert Pattinson as Batman. Due to the worldwide pandemic, the production of the film was being put off until a few months back when the filming of the movie took place in Liverpool around the iconic St George’s Plateau and the Liver Building.

When the people of Liverpool came to know about this, many visited the area in the hopes of meeting the cast and the Campbell family was one of them. They went there every single day because they wanted their child to meet Robert.

James Campbell was a huge fan of the Dark Knight and watched all the Batman movies every night for two years. So, his parents thought that this would be the perfect gift to make him happy. But they were not allowed due to the restrictions posed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

That’s when James’ mom took her son’s wish to the internet and with the help of Radio City News, her son’s drawing reached the actor. Robert Pattinson replied promptly too!

“He’s always had a really hard life. He’s not one for smiling, he doesn’t like happiness, he’ll tell you that himself. So to see him react and be so happy just melted our hearts.” his mom told Radio City News.

Such heart-warming tales remind us how this world we live in has a kind side too!

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