Role Models: Malayalam movie all you need to know

Role Models: Malayalam movie all you need to know

Rafi’s Role Models is a romantic comedy-drama film written and directed by Rafi in 2017. Fahadh Faasil, Vinayakan, Sharaf U Dheen, Namitha Pramod, and Vinay Forrt star in the film. Role models were filmed in various locations throughout Goa and Dubai. The film was released in Kerala on June 25, 2017. Enjoy this beautiful role models malayalam movie with your family

Gautham’s film begins a long time after his college days, as he is an asocial man. His father seeks the assistance of Gautham’s college friends Rexxie and Jyothish. They both go to Gautham’s office after learning that on a date, he insulted a girl in the public library, for which his father called him homosexual because he was uninterested in women. Gautham on the other hand treats them formally. Then they see his boss scream, and he patiently listens to it, which they found difficult to believe because it wasn’t the Gautham they knew. You learn that he is not homosexual. 

Role Models: Malayalam movie all you need to know
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Gautham’s school days reveal that he is an outgoing individual. He was the lead singer of the band Role Models, which also included a flirting song by Rexxie, Jyothish, and Subhan. They were good friends, and they all liked him, except for Gautham’s parents, who didn’t want their son to be with them. It is then revealed that Gautham’s parents filed a complaint with the principal about Gutham’s signature. As a result, the three were kicked out.

Gautham is attempting to persuade them not to file the complaint in order to ensure that they all knew each other’s secrets and did not break up. In the role models malayalam movie online however, Subhan confronts him and angrily asks him why he has hidden his love affair, and the others are taken aback. They are eventually separated.

Rexzie and Jyothish inform Gautham that Subhan has cancer and would like to face Gautham, which is a lie. Subhan Gautham joins them in his home. Subhan is still a bachelor despite becoming a football player. Rexxie inquires about Gautham’s love life, and Subhan responds that it was with Christy, a tomboy they all know. Christy wrote a love letter to Gautham, which was discovered by the principal and will now be revealed.

Christy, who is getting married in a month, brings the three of them back. Gautham, on the other hand, is uneasy about seeing her, indicating that he was the one who gave the letter to the principal. When she hears Gautham’s response, she tries to beat him. Then he realises he prefers Shreya to Christy. The rest of the plot revolves around meeting Shreya and resolving issues between Shreya’s and Gautham’s parents.

Role Models: Malayalam movie all you need to know
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Know the Cast of “Role Models”

Review: “Role Models” tried hard to make the audience laugh

Writing an original, memorable comedy for a film is a difficult task. Is Mollywood at a point where even those who have demonstrated their humorous writing must rely on the age-old evergreen footage and characters to entertain the audience? Take, for example, Manichithrathazhu’s frequent appearance in our films. Yes, in a split second, with the passing thought, ‘Again,’ the audience laughs or responds positively. Rafi’s latest film, Role Models, asks what you think about our industry’s lack of quality humour.

While in college, Gowtham (Fahadh Faasil) formed a band called Role Models, which was a lot of fun. They disagree on one point, however, and Gowtham’s character is dramatically transformed into an anti-social, excentric young man. His worried father seeks assistance from his friends in order to reclaim his cool, affable son.

Role Models: Malayalam movie all you need to know
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The film is lively, especially when it is set in Goa. Namitha Pramod, the film’s leading lady, looks stunning in her Avatar Adventure Sports Trainer, complete with edgy tattoos and hairdos. You might want to go to Goa right away, and that brings us to the end of the Role models storyline.

If you want to see it in theatres or role models malayalam movie watch online, the film’s timid plot requires you to turn off your brain. To be fair, who can complain about the film’s good hilarity? However, Role Models are in short supply in this country. As the youths separate one by one, the jokes fall flat.

Fahadh Faasil has handled comedy well in many films, but he doesn’t seem at ease in role models. Again, the man is neck-sized to forget his troubled past, and it is unnecessary to mention how many times he portrays similar characters in M-Town. It is unnecessary to elaborate. Even his cool last part isn’t enough, and many of the sequences he performs on stage are inappropriate.

Films such as Punjabi Haus, Manichithrathazhu, and even Pulimurugan are heavily lent in the film to add levity to the proceedings. Even Sharafudheen, Vinayakan, and Srinda don’t make much of a difference and only provide a few laughs throughout the film.

Role Models is difficult to make you laugh, but unless you have a quick wit, it is doubtful if it is a watch worth your time and money. But for a instance role models malayalam movie watch online is a fun to watch movie

Where to watch “Role models” 

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