Roman-Jones: Important Part of The Nightlife Hospitality and Entertainment Trades


How many of you have ever dreamt of being into the limelight?

I think three out of five people in the world have ever seen the dream of becoming an actor or model or musician or anything that makes you very famous. 

The chance of fulfilling the dream is given by the entertainment industry whether it belongs to Hollywood. It can be said that the entertainment industry is one of the biggest industries in any dream country especially in the United States, Los Angeles, and in New York

Apart from the Entertainment industry:

This industry also gives hopes to the people who want to make their way apart from the entertainment industry like living in the hospitality and nightlife business world. If anyone wants to live in this world, then Miami is the best place to visit. It is known for its best nightlife. 

The streets of Miami are so filled with clubs and lights that anyone can easily complement the nightlife with the entertainment industry.

Roman-Jones A.K.A. “King of Miami”

Roman Jones is a king. He is the one who rules the list of successful hospitality businesses in clubs, bars, and restaurants of Miami which are the hottest venues to live the way anyone ever dreamt of life. He gave his 20 years of his life in building the empire.

 He has successfully made his space under the top 10 people who own, manage and launch the most famous clubs in the world. His name has now become one of those personalities who come under the entertainment industry as well.


Jones is the owner of “The Opium Group”, building his clubs like Club Space, Kiki on the River, Mansion, Cameo Theatre., and so on. Recently one more is added to the list- The Gramercy. All clubs are famous and prominent in their way.

Apart from clubs, he is the owner of the famous restaurant “Colete”, the best French restaurant located in Miami Beach.  

About Roman Jones

Jones’ father, Mick Jones, was a prominent songwriter in the English language. He was also a music recording producer of rock band Foreigner. Since the background of Jones was so great, talent was in the blood of him.

His father was always supportive of him and gave him knowledge about the entertainment industry that helped him to start his career. Jones is the perfect living example of turning dreams into reality. 

If anyone ever wants to peek into his life and wants to know about him, here is his Instagram handle:


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