Roman’s Entire Fast & Furious Backstory Explained

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Roman Pearce continues to play a key role in Dominic Toretto’s notorious crime family as the “Fast & Furious” franchise continues to rev its engines with no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Roman has experienced one of the most significant character changes in the now-packed franchise, having first appeared in “2 Quick 2 Furious” as a sort-of substitute for Vin Diesel. Viewers have seen him transform from a stern tough guy to an excessively chatty smoothie.

Roman, who is as capable as any other member of the squad, adds a sense of humour to a franchise that would otherwise be dominated by powerful silent styles.

Whatever you think of Dom’s family’s protagonists, there isn’t enough beauty there to propel a film forward. That’s why Tyrese Gibson’s Roman is on hand to pull off scenes with bumbling aplomb.

The crowd laughs for a few moments before being slammed back into watching Diesel quietly pummelled big bads.

Roman, unlike some of the other characters who return to the franchise after years away in “Fast Five,” has a lot of backstory and complexity to his character that is worth exploring in its entirety. This is some of Roman Pearce’s tales.

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Roman’s personal development 

Roman has undergone the most dramatic transformation of any character in the franchise. When the audience first sees him, he is an enraged young man who has a major issue with authority, especially the police. It’s revealed that he served time in prison for crimes committed while he was younger, but it soon becomes clear that his issue with cops has nothing to do with that.

In reality, his enmity stems from his feelings of betrayal when his best friend chose a career in law enforcement over a life of crime. Roman’s rage stems from a lack of faith in anyone, especially the system.

Although he is a professional soldier, his proclivity for over-talking sometimes gets him (and the mission) into trouble. Roman has failed before, but what sets him apart is that he accepts it.

A troubled youngster 

While little is known about Roman’s early years, it can be assumed that a life of crime was always in the cards for him. Roman and Brian O’Conner were born and raised in Barstow, California, and were prone to getting into mischief. Sports appeared to be their only healthy thing in high school.

However, all of that dried up quickly, and the pair found their way on the mean streets by being especially skilled with automobiles.

However, the dynamic couple split up somewhere along the way. Although Brian chose to pursue a career in law enforcement, Roman went in the opposite direction and became even more involved in his local criminal operations.

Police searched his garage one day and discovered he was storing stolen vehicles inside. He was still curious if Brian had tipped him off — in fact, he spent years in prison and then under house arrest asking himself the same question. He gradually began to lose faith in others.

Roman is able to put his long-held grudges behind him when an old friend returns with a lucrative offer to help him get back on his feet.

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 Only his closest friends refer to him as ‘Rome.’

Brian O’Conner is on the run from the law after the events of the first film. He finally makes his way to Miami, where he is apprehended by the FBI in the street racing scene. Fortunately, his talents make him more valuable in the field than in prison, and he is offered the job of posing as a driver for infamous drug lord Carter Verone.

It’s uncertain if his history with Roman haunts him, or whether he really believes he’s the right guy for the role. Regardless, Brian is adamant about reuniting with his old pal.

Brian gives him the opportunity to be released from house arrest and get his criminal record expunged.

Roman initially ignores the offer, but becomes angered when Brian calls him by his nickname, “Rome.” After a struggle between the two, Brian is able to send his old friend, who reluctantly accepts the offer.

It’s not the last time Roman loses a fight in the franchise, and it’s not the last time he reluctantly decides to do anything for Brian. He’s back in the game, but this time at a much higher level.


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