Romeo Beckham: Why does everyone hate his girlfriend, Mia?


Romeo Beckham is really in love for the first time and shows his girlfriend Mia openly on Instagram. But somehow his fans don’t seem to like her.

The handsome Romeo Beckham is the second oldest child of Victoria and David Beckham and has a real crush for the first time. Of course, the teenager wants to show his love and regularly posts pictures of his girlfriend, Mia.

Snuggly picture from vacation

Now there was a replenishment on Instagram. 17-year-old Romeo posted a picture with his girlfriend of the same age, Mia Regan. They both splash around in the sea, and she clings tight to her boyfriend.

The Beckham offspring only provided the picture with a heart emoji, because it is hard to miss how in love he is with his girlfriend.

Romeo Beckham: Why does everyone hate his girlfriend, Mia?

Fans don’t like Mia

As usual, there is not only a lot of love on Instagram but also a lot of hate. And it seems like his fans shot themselves at Mia.

Under the picture, someone writes: “That girl again? Don’t you have anything else to post “and another agrees:” Post other things, nobody wants to see them! “

Is she taking advantage of Romeo?

Oh, it seems like Mia doesn’t have a big fan club among Romeo’s followers. Is that the envy of the female fans, or is there something else behind it?

Another goes even further and accuses her of blatant things: “I hope you know that this girl is only with you to get fame and money!”

Together for over a year

By the way, the love of Romeo and Mia is not that fresh. The two have been dating since May 2019. They spent their vacation in Italy together, because the two could not see each other during the Corona period.

That’s why a lot of cuddling time is being made up for now.

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