Rosie Bentham, Emmerdale star, revealed Gabby’s response to Kim’s shocking announcement

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The Emmerdale star Rosie Bentham reveals how her character Gabby Thomas will react when Kim Tate bombshells her company’s replacement.

Kim (Claire King) found that a mystery person has been lacing her brandy with diazepam after weeks of thinking that her dizzy spells can be early indicators of dementia.

Kim will invite all of her suspects to lunch next week, after installing a hidden camera at Home Farm, in an attempt to find out who is messing with the liquor. She will there announce her “retirement” and an indication that the news is enthusiastic.

In front of the episodes, Bentham explained how “thrown” Gabby is to be once more seriously “taken by Kim.” She said Gabby looks to get back in the good graces of Kim. She stated.

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“Secretly, perhaps she’s a little bit shocked by Home Farm’s responsibilities. She understands that her future is at Home Farm, and Gabby is going to do everything she can to convince Kim to merit her spot.”

“Therefore, when Kim goes out with this something that someone takes her place, it is the future Gabby has with the kid. Jamie is the last person she’d like to take over since he can get her rid of. That was the reason for the robbery — she was concerned that she could remain alone.

“Gabby’s got a bunch of sleeve tricks… She’s ambitious, and she’s going to do everything she can to gain power. And Kim is the one who can help Gabby. But I’m not sure if she was going to poison her. You must wait and see. You have to wait.”

Bentham continued by saying that Gabby thought she had a chance of being declared Kim’s de facto heir and felt that she deserved a position more important than Kim’s son Jamie (Alexander Lincoln, her baby’s father) and his girlfriend Dawn (Olivia Bromley).

“Gabby and Dawn hate each other ongoingly. Why should Dawn sit around the same table as Gabby, this ex-prostitute? She even tells her that she might have tried,” she added.

“Between them, it’s rough. It’s a great pleasure to play, and I enjoy the situations Liv and me. It’s incredibly wonderful to get very aggressive scenes.” Emmerdale will be airing weeknights on ITV at 7 pm, with an additional episode on Thursdays at 8 pm.

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