Roswell, New Mexico Season3: will there be a season 3? All the latest updates.


Rosewell New Mexico is an American originated T.V series and is also available on Netflix in America. The series is named after the city Roswell which is in New Mexico. It is also based on the Rosewell high book series by Melinda Metz. 

The developer of the series is Carina Adly Mackenzie. the series aired with its first season on T.V. on January 15, 2019. The second season was aired on March 20, 2020, on T.V. and was released in June on Netflix. the story of the season is Drama, science fiction, and mystery. 

The previous story revolves around a girl named Liz Ortecho, who has returned to her hometown, Roswell. she was the daughter of an illegal immigrant. she came back to Rosewell to work in a family restaurant. And as she reconnects with her old buddies, an Incident happened in the restaurant, due to which she comes to know that one of her childhood crushes is actually an Alien. 

They both mutually decided to keep it a secret, but when the threat from the alien on earth rose, and because of the fear Liz starts threatening his friend of exposing him to others. As the story moves forward Liz also finds some mysteries about her older sister named Rosa who was dead. Liz tries to unveil all the mysteries related to her sister’s death and in doing so, she finally was able to find her sister’s murderer.

Rosewell, New Mexico Season3: will there be a season 3? All the latest updates.

Roswell, New Mexico season 3: when will it air?

The end of season 2 brought curiosity among fans for the next season.Considering the same,there was a piece of good news for fans that CW has officially announced the renewal of the season 3 back in January 2020. 

However, the shooting of season 3 was scheduled in summer 2020 has been delayed due to the global pandemic of Coronavirus created a hurdle. As per the resources, the release that of the season 3 should not be expected before august or September of 2021. 

As a piece of information, this series is available on Netflix in the U.S. region only!  

Roswell season 3 cast

The entire cast of Roswell has been set to come back in season 3 with Jeannie Mason as Liz Ortecho, Nathan Parsons as Max Evans, and also starring, Michael Trevino as Kylie Valenti, Heather Hemmens as Maria Deluca, Karan Oberoi as Noah Bracken, Trevor St, John as Jesse Maness, Lily Cowles as Isobel Evans, and Michael Vlamis as Michael Guerin.

It’s all for today, but to know more updates about Roswell, New Mexico please stay tuned with us!


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