Ruby Rose character in SAS: Red Notice is both a hero and a villain!!

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The action thriller movie directed by Magnus Martens SAS: Red Notice is streaming live with its primary goal to connect England and France. The movie has the character of Grace Lewis that is played by Ruby Rose. In this movie, her character is the leader of a war criminals group that is popularly known as Black Swans. 

More about Rose!!

Ruby Rose is a famous actor that has played in a lot of big hit movies like John Wick: Chapter 2, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, and XXX: Return of Xander Cage to name a few. As mentioned above she is leading a group that is heavily armed in her new movie and for this, she has to show some physical chops. She has shown all her performance in the movie as it is seen that Ruby is performing some hand-to-hand fight scenes and also seen utilizing the weapons.

Ruby Rose on the character of Grace Lewis!!

In an interview, Ruby has explained the character by saying that the character actually fascinates her. She added that Grace, in the movie, is a combination of enemy and hero. Grace will show her attitude according to the situation. Ruby also stated that Grace is doing wrong things and she knows that too but whenever she remembers the reason behind doing these deeds she feels relaxed. 

Ruby Rose’s journey for the movie!!

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SAS: Red Notice is a movie based on a book written by a former British Army soldier. Rose used to spend time with the former soldier named Andy McNab while her shooting. She was being helped very much by McNab as he explained to her about Grace’s psychopath nature. It helped her in playing the character and shared that Grace is someone who will do whatever is needed if she decides to and also she never does something that has no connection with her plan.

After knowing all the facts about how psychopaths think and how they behave she realized that it was a very difficult and challenging role for her. 

It is very exciting to see Ruby Rose playing such a role. And if you also want to see how Ruby Rose performed while playing Grace Lewin, then go and watch SAS: Red Notice now. Don’t forget to leave your valuable reviews for the movie and her character. Also, follow the space for more such updates.


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