Ruby Rose Teases a new movie Role In Which She Replaces Elliot Page, Must Checkout

Courtesy: Variety

Ruby Rose has discussed her role in the comedy 1UP. After Elliot Page stepped away from the production, the former Batwoman star took over the role.

Ruby confirmed she’d finished filming 1UP, a documentary about college esports, in an exclusive interview with Digital Spy for SAS: Red Notice. Before SAS: Red Notice’s release on Sky Cinema this Friday (March 12), she explained how she got the part after Elliot’s departure: 

“Actually, the role came to me because I had told the guys who did The Doorman over and over again how much I wanted to do a comedy, and do some other roles that weren’t just, you know, killing people and kicking butt and taking names.”

“I’d like to do something different.” And this is a project that they were working on as well. It’s a comedy, after all. It’s like a coming-of-age story.”

“I play a teacher, and it’s really sweet,” she added. It’s really adorable. It’s got a lot going on. ‘OK, I have to do this film,’ I thought after reading the script. ‘This is exactly what I’m looking for.’

“I also finished another film called Vanquish,” Ruby continued, indicating that she’s been very busy recently. I then began a new project.

“I’m really hoping for more scripts and more opportunities to play characters that, you know, my younger family members can watch, and my grandmother can watch, and people who can’t necessarily watch the extremes of death and survival and action and all the other fun things I can do.”

Courtesy: Diply

Valerie Lee, who is fed up with sexism and gaslighting on her college esports team, stars in the film.

She finds out she won’t get her scholarship after quitting the team, but she takes advantage of a loophole by forming an all-female team of expert gamers.

From March 12, SAS: Red Notice will be available on Sky Cinema and NOW TV.


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