Ruby Rose who played Former Batwoman reacts to Kate Kane twist

Source: Digital Spy

The character of Kate Kane, who was the titular hero in season one and was originally played by Ruby Rose, has been recast in the most recent episode of Batwoman.

Despite Rose’s previous comments that she would be interested in reprising her role as Kate in some capacity, the show’s producers have cast former Hollyoaks actress Wallis Day in the role.

And Rose is completely content with it, denying any notions that she is anything but excited about the recast.


On her Instagram stories she wrote, “I’m sorry I didn’t congratulate @wallisday yesterday. I knew about the casting beforehand and didn’t know when it aired so I forgot to. But I’m stoked for her! I’m seeing all the things I’m tagged in with people sad or wondering how I felt… I feel great I have nothing but good vibes.”

Day revealed that after she was casted, everyone made her feel welcome for her role and stated that, “It’s a huge responsibility stepping into the shoes of a character that’s already been established and it’s a journey I’m looking forward to being a part of and hoping you guys do too.”

Batwoman is currently played by Javicia Leslie’s Ryan Wilder in the show, and she does an amazing job playing her part.


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