Rufus Hound announces split from wife Beth after 13 years together


Rufus Hound, the English comedian, actor, and presenter, who has starred in many shows and movies including The Wedding video, Hounded, Waffle the Dog, Argumental, Extreme Cake Makeover, etc has recently ended his marriage.

He said on Twitter that the couple ended their marriage in April. He confirmed that it was a “sad decision” to make but they had to move on.

Just a year ago he posted a tweet to congratulate their 12 years of marriage-

It’s astonishing how things go downhill so fast.

He also said that they’ll remain good friends and be a family. They intend to look after their kids equally too. They have agreed upon having respect for each other and never being bitter.

He concluded the post by saying that “our family will remain our number one priority” and we all hope that it’s the case and the couple comes through this unscathed.

He recently announced that he’ll be in the finale contesting on Dancing On Ice, an ITV reality show where celebrities do ice skating with the guidance of professionals.

To his new venture his ex-wife Betty replied “Go on Sunshine!”

Rufus Hound had been married for over 13 years since April, 2020. He had met his wife, Beth Johnson, a year before their marriage at a Reading Festival. The couple went on to get married in a drive-through chapel in Las Vegas, called the Little White Wedding Chapel. They have two beautiful children.

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