RuPaul’s Drag Race celebrity reveals openly about dating Graham Norton

Courtesy: News Break

RuPaul’s Drag Race United States version 13’s recent event starred the crew conducting a social media-themed lyrical, and a conclusion twist, however, what was greatly fascinating was an individual amongst the competitors revealing up about their affair with Graham Norton.

When the crew was declared openly for this edition, you might have noticed a few very 2000s images of Tina Burner (actual name Kristian Seeber) and Graham jointly, and currently, Tina has opened up about her period going out with the host (and Drag Race United Kingdom judge).

When inquired about her popular “fling” in the Werk Room, Tina Burner asserted that she likes how they say fling. She was in a connection.

Graham Norton is so popular, he’s at that degree where existence is mere as settled on a platform. He’s a very incredible man and it did never always bought to him. It was a greatly incredible aspect.

She stated that she recalls individuals enacting judgment on her straight away when they don’t just know her. They have even asked her different questions regarding the relationship, Is she after his wealth? Is she this? Is she that?'”


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Graham Norton himself talked about their connection in his memoir The Life as well as Loves of a He Devil and was slightly optimistic in his appraisal of their moment concurrently.

The commentator named the connection a “disaster” and stated that his companions never upheld them jointly, even though he did name Tina Burner “special” and believed performing drag was an excellent task.

What are your assumptions on this circumstance? Do post your understanding and stay tuned for further news.


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