Russell T. David will be the new showrunner for “Doctor Who”


Chris Chibnall, the showrunner of the fantasy drama till 2009, will step down next year, and Davies will take over. To mark the show’s 60th anniversary in 2023, Davies commented, “I’m happy to be back on my favourite show.”

One of his first jobs will be to find out who will succeed Jodie Whittaker as Doctor Who’s companion in the Tardis.

After three 2022 specials and one final six-part series, the actress will depart Sonic Screwdriver Doctor Who’s time with Jodie Whittaker will come to an end in 2022 with the departure of the actress.

Conversely, Davies regarded it as “time-consuming.” To honour the show’s 60th anniversary, Chibnall termed Davies’ comeback “monumentally exciting and fitting.”

‘Doctor Who’s’ current incarnation was revived by Davies and featured Christopher Eccleston until David Tennant took over as the Doctor.

To ensure Peter Capaldi’s stay on television as the indomitable Time Lord went smoothly, Steven Moffatt stepped in when Matt Smith was cast.

Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures were devised by Davies after the relaunch of Doctor Who was a success.

BBC Entertainment correspondent Lizo Mzimba gets in on the conversation

Dr. Who was brought back to life after more than a decade of hiatus by the BBC. Despite the fact that the show’s executive producer, Russell T. Davies, has yet to be identified, the revelation came as little surprise. Queer as Folk novelist and fervent Doctor Who fan David Mitchell was the most well-known figure at the time (he even managed to briefly squeeze robot dog K9 into the programme) (he even managed to briefly squeeze robot dog K9 into the series).

A lot of credit goes to Davies for the show’s positive reception upon its return. He was an exception as the show’s showrunner, overseeing every creative aspect of the science fiction drama and penning many of the scripts.

When Davies was in charge of Doctor Who, it had fantastic viewership figures, as well as prizes and plaudits from reviewers and the public. Many fans were happy when he unexpectedly returned to the show.

Doctor Who has always been completely produced by the BBC, with the exception of the TV movie starring Paul McGann. It will be a Bad Wolf co-production starting in 2023, though. A former Doctor Who production team, Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner started the production company. The show’s executive producers were Gardner and Tranter, who both worked for the BBC. Both are viewed as being more subdued than the other.


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