Ryan Dorsey Says Naya Rivera’s Sister Nickayla Put ‘Life on Hold’ to Be There for His Son

Ryan Dorsey Says Naya Rivera's Sister Nickayla
Ryan Dorsey Says Naya Rivera's Sister Nickayla

Ryan Dorsey was married to Naya Rivera for 4 years. They divorced in 2018 and had a son Josey. On 8 July 2020 Naya Rivera had an accidental death while she was on a boat trip with her son Josey in Lake Piru. Her body was found after 5 days in Lake Piru on 13th July. After the death of Naya Rivera, her sister Nickalya took care of her son Josey. 

Last Tuesday 29th September Ryan Dorsey posted a video on Instagram where he acknowledged Nickaya for her dedication towards Josey. After the tragic death of Naya, it was a difficult situation for Ryan’s son. He further mentioned that his family including late actor Naya Rivera’s family are supporting him a lot.

He praised his sister in law Nicklaya for leaving her personal life for the sake of her nephew. Ryan mentioned that it is just like a nightmare for him and his son Josey as well as he loved his mother a lot. Ryan said that he is lucky to have his mom but what about Josey who saw his mom drowning in the water.

Naya Rivera was known to be a very strong swimmer and had a regular visit to Lake Piru, California. Her death was an accidental drowning that left her ex-husband dumbstruck. Ryan said that he has no clue how he would have taken care of his son who is too much close to his mother without the help of Naya Rivera’s sister Nickayla. 

He expressed his feeling on Instagram saying that Naya loved to be a mother and loved her son a lot. She had managed pretty well her professional life and motherhood. But death came to Naya very soon, she was just 33 years old when she drowns. Having his mother’s sister by his side may provide some warmth to the 5 years old boy Josey.

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