Ryan Knight Could Return

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Duncan James, a former Hollyoaks actor, has suggested that viewers may not have recognised Ryan Knight as his latest murderer. The recently killed Channel 4 soap killed abusive cop George Kiss, but those who watched him for a few years remember him as the original evil cop in the village.

After a heated argument with Ste, Leah, and Lucas, Harry Thompson threw Hollyoak into the river and left Hollyoaks in 2018. “I enjoyed my time at Hollyoaks,” Duncan told The Scottish Sun. I was able to resurrect myself from the dead. He stated

“I began as a police officer and a basic family man and then further evolved into a shutdown homosexual psycho murderer. It was incredible how they transformed my character. I signed a two-year contract, so I was always aware that my character had only two years to live while everything else was going on.

Source: MTV

Duncan James feels Hesitated

But they left it open, and you saw me float down the river and Ste open a body bag, but you have no idea. As a result, you never know. You could bring my character back and cause some havoc one day.”

The singer and actor appeared hesitant to sign up for another soap role after a brief appearance on Hollyoaks.  “I feel like I’ve checked the box, but I wouldn’t mind making a Hollyoaks cameo,” he explained. “I’m still friends with all of them, and it’s the only soap I’d ever do.”

New episodes of Hollyoaks will air on Channel 4 every Monday through Friday at 6.30 p.m.

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